Week 4 – Minlaton, SA to Orroroo, SA

Video of Yorke Peninsula

Day 22/23 (24th & 25th Jan) – Barker Rocks Campground, SA

Spent a couple of days on the beach and sightseeing.

Day 24 (26th Jan) – Barker Rocks Campground, SA to Wattle Point Campground, Eidthburgh SA

Left Barkers Rocks in the morning and stopped in Port Vincent on the east coast. Had lunch in Eidthburgh near the ocean swimming pool.

Arrived at wattle point which is a campsite right on the water next to a wind-farm. Unfortunately the camp was on the road as well – luckily there was not much traffic.

Day 25 (27th Jan) – Wattle Point Campground, Eidthburgh SA to Innes National Park

Left Wattle point reasonably early drove through Warooka to fill up with water. Arrived at Innes National park about lunchtime. Setup, then went for a drive to see the lighthouse and other beaches.

Day 26 (28th Jan) – Innes National Park (Stenhouse Bay)

Was forecast to be a hot day so woke up, had breakfast and went and did a walk which look really enjoyed as it included a lot of history including the old train line which used to carry gypsum to the docks.

Day 27 (29th Jan) – Innes National Park (Stenhouse Bay) to Alford, SA

Cool, wet and windy day. Most of it spent driving back up to the top of the Yorke Peninsula to a little town which offered a night for a donation (Alford, SA).

Day 28 (30th Jan) – Alford, SA to Orroroo, SA

We decided to stop at Peterborough which is a town rich in train history – much to the delight of Luke. We spent a couple of hours walking around the steam museum. It was amusing because I wanted to do the tour – the tour guide mentioned that it might be a bit content rich for Luke but she would try and if he gets bored we can go at our own pace. Luke loved it so him listening wasnt an issue at all.

We stayed at a free camp on the side of the road just outside Orroroo which is on the way back to Port Augusta.

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