Week 7 – Coodlie Park, SA to Esperence, WA

Day 43 (14th Feb) – Coodlie Park, SA to Streaky Bay, SA

Left Coodlie Park in the morning. Stopped at Murpheys Haystacks – a group of large rocks mistaken for haystacks by an arborist. Continued on to Streaky bay where we set up and were suprised by Juls/Libby and kids who turned up at about 7.30pm.

Day 44 (15th Feb) – Streaky Bay, SA

Spent the morning catching up on some washing and the afternoon exploring Streaky Bay including the blow holes.

Day 45 (16th Feb) – Streaky Bay, SA to Gilgerabbie Hut, SA

Packed up and left Streaky Bay reasonably early. Stopped in Ceduna for food, filled up with petrol and headed for the nullarbor. Was going to try and stay on the cliffs but the road was too rough so stopped at Gilgerabbie Hut.

Day 46 (17th Feb) Gilgerabbie Hut, SA to Cliffs just east of WA border

Unhitched the vans and went for a look at the cliffs.

Again unhitched the vans to look at Koonalda Homestead/Blowhole and Caves which was about 20kms of rough dirt roads. Koonalda Homestead used to be a stop on the old Eyre Hwy and was abandoned in 1988.

Day 47 (18th Feb) Cliffs on Great Australian Bight, SA to Nuytsland Nature Reserve, WA

Packed up camp on the cliff and proceeded across the border to WA first stopping at the roadhouse to see the big kangaroo (holding a Vegemite – doesn’t get more aussie than that!). Then visited Eucla Jetty/Telegraph Station which involved taking off the caravans again. Stopped at Nuytsland Nature Reserve for the night.

Day 48 (19th Feb) Nuytsland Nature Reserve, WA to Salmon Gums, WA

Packed up in Nuytsland Nature Reserve in the drizzle as we were a bit worried that the road out might turn to slush.

As we continued to Norseman the rain got harder and harder and we decided to keep driving. We ended up in a very small community caravan park in Salmon Gums which is about 80kms south of Norseman.

Day 49 (20th Feb) Salmon Gums, WA to Esperence, WA

Left Salmon Gums in the morning and got into Esperence in the mid morning. We tried a few caravan parks which did not have room so we settled for a dated “Bushlands” caravan parks on the towns outskirts. Caught up on washing and did some food shopping.

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