Week 13 Kalbarri, WA to Warroora Station, WA

Day 85 – (28th Mar) Kalbarri, WA to Denham, WA

Big day driving from Kalbarri to Denham stopped at the billabong roadhouse and hamelin pool to check out the stromatolites which are single cell microbes which were the only form of life for the first 2 billion years. Checked into the caravan park and cooked dinner. Went squid fishing off the jetty with no luck.


Day 86 – (29th Mar) – Denham, WA

Visited Monkey Mia and the dolphin feeding in the morning. Checked out the hot tub at Francois Peron NP while Juls and libby + kids went on a boat. Played on the foreshore playground in Denham with the kids. Attempted fishing off the Jetty at night.

Day 87 – (30th Mar) – Denham, WA

Spent the day sightseeing around Denham kids played on the playground and had an icecream. Cooked a BBQ dinner at the spa (40 deg bore water) and put our feet in – it was too hot to be fully submerged.

Attempted fishing yet again off the Jetty at night while chatting to a nice guy who was delivering his brother in law’s 70 ft cabin cruiser. Caught 3 squid.

Day 88 – (31th Mar) – Denham, WA to Wooramel station , WA

Drove from Denham to Wooramel station in the morning stopping at shell beach on the way. Went for a dip in the spa (33 deg this time so was nice). Spent the afternoon relaxing.

Day 89 – (1st April) – Wooramel station, WA to Carnarvon, WA

Easter Sunday so the day started with an egg hunt. Packed up and left reasonably early. Got into Carnarvon and checked into a lovely caravan park before lunch. Caught up on grocery shopping.

Day 90 – (2nd April) – Carnarvon, WA

Visited Quobba blowholes and snorkeled in “the aquarium” which is the next beach south. Had picnic lunch on the beach and then did some fruit shopping on the way home. Caravan park put on a bbq with marshmellows which the kids loved.

Day 91 – (3rd April) – Carnarvon, WA to Warroora Station, WA

Visited the Space museum in Carnavon before heading off. Stopped into bumbaks and had icecreams before heading north. Stopped in 40 deg rest stop for lunch (lots of flies) before continuing on to Warroora station. Got set up and went for a swim in the sea. Great camp right on the beach!

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