Week 17 – Pardoo Station, WA to Broome, WA

Day 111 (26th April) – Pardoo Station, WA

Cooked up the fish (grunter bream) we caught the day before along with some cheese and bacon topped rolls for lunch. Enjoyed the afternoon swimming in the pool.

Day 112 (27th April) – Pardoo Station, WA to Broome, WA

Drove the 500+ km from Pardoo to Broome. Stopped at sandfire roadhouse (lots of mozzies) and then on through the flood waters from the cyclones to Broome. Checked into the cable beach caravan park for a week.

Day 113 (28th April) – Broome, WA

We spent the day shopping and catching up with other families we’d met on the way up. One did a fishing charter and gave us fish. Went to the open air pictures to see Peter rabbit.

Day 114 (29th April) – Broome, WA

Visited streeters jetty at high tide. This is an old pearl luggers jetty which only becomes a jetty at high tides, it actually goes over the jetty on extreme tides.

Day 115 (30th April) – Broome, WA

Bought Luke a bike for his birthday. Visited dinosaur footprints and staircase to the moon (and market)

Day 116 (1st May) – Broome, WA

Visited Malcolm Douglas Crocodile park and Luke rode his bike without training wheels around the park most of the day.

Day 117 (2nd May) – Broome, WA

Spent the day at the caravan park swimming and riding bikes around. Rode the Camels on Cable beach then had fish and chips (pizza for the kids) on cable beach while the sun set.


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