Week 19 – Dunham River Rest Area, WA to Drysdale river station, WA

Day 124 (9th May) – Dunham River Rest Area, WA to Kimberlyland Caravan park, Kununurra

Day 125 (10th May) – Kimberlyland Caravan park, Kununurra to El Questro

Arrived in El questro about lunch time. Walked to half way pool in El questro gorge in the afternoon.

Day 126 (11th May) – El Questro, WA

As Crystal had some issues with her shoes falling apart we had to nip back into Kununurra for some new shoes. We then hiked Amelia gorge and drove up to the pigeon hole lookout for an amazing view over the rivers

Day 127 (12th May) – El Questro, WA to Home Valley Station, WA.

We packed up and stopped at zebedee springs on the way out. We hiked Emma gorge and swam in the waterfall at the end. We had some drinks and Emma Gorge and drove to home valley station where we setup and had dinner.

Day 128 (13th May) – Home Valley Station, WA to Munurru (King Edward River Crossing), WA

Spent the day driving up to camp at king river. Stopped on-route at elenbrea station for a mango smoothie and a drink.

Day 129 (14th May) Munurru, WA to Mitchell Falls Campground, WA

Packed up early and drove on to mitchell falls. Hiked out to the falls, met up with Darren, Miffy, Rose and Arch. Kids were stuffed as they hiked to the falls and back – we were some of the few who didnt fly back by chopper.


Day 130 (15th May)

Drove to the King river crossing again, saw aboriginal Rock art at 2 sites and swam in water fall. Drove to drysdale river station in the afternoon


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