Week 9 – Bremer Bay, WA to Cosy Corner Campground, WA

Day 57 – (28th Feb) Bremer bay, WA

Went 4wding from our caravan park to Cape Anne. This involved some beach driving and some very narrow tracks. It took us a couple of hours to do the 30kms to Cape Anne. We had lunch in the great day area there and then did a short walk. Checked out the campspot, attempted to fish in the estuary (unsuccessfully) then took the more main roads back to the caravan park.

Day 58 – (1st Mar) Bremer bay, WA to Albany, WA

Spent the day driving to Albany where we were able to get a caravan park for a few nights (this was a long weekend which we had no idea about.

Day 59/60 – (2nd/3rd Mar) Albany, WA

Spent a few days exploring Albany and its surrounds including The Gap/Natural Bridge and the wind farm. Also caught up on washing and shopping.

Day 61 – (4th Mar) Albany, WA

Climbed Castle Rock in the morning which was a 2km steep hike and then some scrambling and ladder climbing to the platform. The kids were very proud of their achievements and got quite a few comments from other hikers on the way down. We then tinted some more of the windows on Juls van in the afternoon.

Day 62 – (5th Mar) Albany, WA to Cosy Corner Campground WA

We left Albany reasonably early in the morning and made our way to Cosy Corner which is a free camp we heard about. We arrived just at the right time as people were still packing up and got a camp next to each other.

We spent some time with the kids on the beach then went 4wding to attempt to get to the most southerly point of WA. We got within a km but had to give up due to fading light and cranky kids. Went fishing and caught a couple which were not plate size.

Was woken up at 1am to the camp hosts who had their car fully ablaze some damage to the van but luckily everyone got out OK.


Day 63 – (6th Mar) Cosy Corner Campground WA

Visited Greens Pool which is a very sheltered beach which was very clear and which the kids loved to have a swim in. Stopped at one of the many food related stops on the hwy and the kids got an ice-cream while we tasted some cider.



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