Week 12 – Arrowsmith, WA to Kalbarri, WA

Day 78 – (21st Mar) Arrowsmith, WA to Geraldton, WA

Arrived at Geraldton mid morning. Visited the Geraldton museum which covered quite a bit about the two ships which have sunk nearby (Batavia – 400 yrs ago and HMS Sydney – ww2). Visited the waterpark and playgrounds which were really good.

Day 79 – (22nd Mar) Geraldton, WA

Spent the day catching up with washing and shopping. Kids went to the water park again and had fun.

Day 80 – (23rd Mar) Geraldton, WA to Lucky Bay Campground,WA

Left Geraldton mid morning and made out way to Lucky Bay which is a council run campground. Couldn’t camp on the beach and the flies/wind was pretty bad. We had lunch then went for a drive to the actual bay. Sand was very soft and we got stuck while trying to drive on the beach.

Day 81 – (24th Mar) Lucky Bay, WA to Kalbarri, WA

Drove the short drive from Lucky Bay to Kalbarri and found a caravan park which offered us pay 3 and stay 4. Kids were happy as it had a pool and jumping pillow.

Day 82 – (25th Mar) Kalbarri, WA

Pelican feeding Saw sights south of Kalbarri, Visited Bird Sanctury (rainbow Jungle). Had dinner for Libbys bday at the pub.


Day 83 – (26th Mar) Kalbarri, WA

Visited Natures window, z bend and Ross Graham Lookout. Had an icecream on the way home and swam in the pool in the afternoon.

Day 84 – (27th Mar) Kalbarri, WA

Went to Pelican feeding again with sick pelican – Took some paddle boats for a ride. Spent the rest of the day swimming and relaxing at the caravan park.

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