Week 14 – Warroora Station, WA to Cape Range NP, WA

Day 92 – (4th April) – Warroora Station, WA

Another hot day, spent the day relaxing on the beach. Cooked the 3 fish we caught (Threadfin, stripey snapper and common Dart) which all tasted pretty good.

Spent the day in and out of the sea to keep cool.

Day 93 – (5th April) – Warroora Station, WA

Did a bit of exploring around the station but spent most of the day on the beach and again keeping cool in the water.

Day 94 – (6th April) – Warroora Station, WA to Coral Bay, WA

Drove the very short distance to Coral Bay and setup, spent the afternoon in the pool. Went for dinner at the pub where the kids enjoyed dancing to the live music.

Day 95 – (7th April) – Coral Bay, WA

Spent the day in Coral Bay while Juls, Libby and kids went on a whale shark tour. Visited the Coral Bay beach and spend the day in the pool.

Day 96 – (8th April) – Coral Bay, WA to Exmouth, WA

Left Coral Bay in the morning and drove to Exmouth. Quite warm in Exmouth so we did some shopping and visited the Exmouth Center.

Day 97 (9th April) – Exmouth, WA to Cape Range NP

Left Exmouth in the morning. Stopped at the turtle center and the visitors center on the way through to our caravan park at Osprey bay.

Day 98 (10th April) – Cape Range NP

Went for a hike up the Mandu Mandu gorge and did some snorkeling at the beach at our campsite.

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