Making a canvas with your pictures in a map of Australia

Lots of people have been asking how we created the map of Australia full of photos. Unfortunately i’m not aware of any simple template or anything which you can download to easily do this. However if you are reasonably handy with a photo editing tool then its not too hard (just time consuming).

Step 1: Firstly you need to start off with a new canvas in your chosen program (mine was pretty large (8274px by 6306px) this was to ensure that we get the right DPI (dots per inch) to make the canvas look good when printed at 75 x 100 cm.

Step 2: You then need to add the photos as layers and arrange to fit in the map of Australia. Mine looks something like this:

Photos arranged to the map of Australia

Step 3: I then added the silhouette of Australia. I downloaded this from google images ( and then resized it appropriately and filled the outside of the map in light gray (with some highlights around the edges – but i’ll leave the special effects to your preference). This is what the layer containing the outline looks like.

Outline of Australia with a bit of feathering fill around the coastline

Step 4: Iterate between hiding the outline and arranging the photos (step 2) until you get the image how you desire. Add some text if you want. Then flatten the image and save as an image type which your desired printing company accepts.

Image flattened and ready for printing

Step 5: Wait for the canvas to be delivered, keeping everything crossed you didnt waste a lot of time and some money on something which looks ugly.

Step 6: Receive canvas and be pleasantly surprised, sit back with a beer, look at the pictures of the amazing places you visited and dream of when you can go back!