Week 18 – Broome, WA to Dunham River Rest Area, WA

Day 118 (3rd May) – Broome, WA to Middle Lagoon campsite, Cape Leveque

Left the vans in Broome and headed off to visit Cape Leveque with the tents. Very rough dirt road for the first section of the trip and then about 80kms in it changed to a very smooth tared road.

Visited Beagle Bay and the church there and then continued up to Middle Lagoon where we camped overlooking the water.

Day 119 (4th May) – Middle Lagoon campsite, Cape Leveque to Gunbanan Wilderness Retreat, Cape Leveque

Drove back out from Middle Lagoon and onto the main road again. Went up to the Gunbanan Wilderness Retreat and it seemed like there was plenty of space. Visited the Cygnet Bay pearl farm where we had a coffee and cake with a view and also enjoyed a dip in their infinity pool.

Day 120 (5th May) – Gunbanan Wilderness Retreat, Cape Leveque

Visited the One Arm Point community including the hatchery in the morning. Swam in the lagoon and attempted to catch some fish in the afternoon.

Day 121 (6th May) – Gunbanan Wilderness Retreat, Cape Leveque to Broome, WA

Left Gunbanan early and got back to Broome mid morning. Caught up on washing and again enjoyed the parks great pool and amenities.

Day 122 (7th May) – Broome, WA to Ngumban Cliff Rest Area, WA

Left broome early in the morning and had a full day of driving. Stayed in a great rest area along with a dozen or so other caravans.

Day 123 (8th May) – Ngumban Cliff Rest Area, WA to Dunham River Rest Area, WA

Another big day of driving – about 500kms. Met a nice german mechanic working for bear rentals in the rest area who we had a few beers with.

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