Week 29 – Gregory River, QLD to Ravenshoe, QLD

Day 192 (18th July) – Gregory River, QLD to Leichhardt Lagoon, QLD

Had a big day of driving. Stopped in at Normanton for a few supplies then drove out of town a bit to Leichhardt Lagoon. Watched an amazing sunset over the lagoon.

Day 193 (19th July) – Leichhardt Lagoon, QLD to Kurumba, QLD

Drove back through Normanton to Kurumba. Stopped at the railway station/museum to book tickets on the gulflander. Spent a while looking at the artifacts there before driving to the van park at Kurumba. Got setup, had dinner and then went to the beach to watch the sunset.

Day 194 (20th July) – Kurumba, QLD

Visited the Barramundi centre in the morning which is breeding barramundi to send all around Queensland. Got fish and chips for dinner and ate them on the beach.

Day 195 (21st July) – Kurumba, QLD

Spent the day walking and riding around Kurumba Point. Joined in the caravan park dinner (fish BBQ) and live music.

Day 196 (22nd July) – Kurumba, QLD to Normanton, QLD

Left Kurumba early and visited Normanton again. Got our picture taken with Krys the crocodile which was supposedly measured 8.63m although the measurement seems a bit far fetched. Took a ride on the Gulflander to critters camp and back. Free camped the night on the Norman river where we saw numerous crocs.

Day 197 (23rd July) – Normanton, QLD to Pinnarendi Station, QLD

Had a big day driving but did manage to spend some time in Croydon which was a mining town once 4th largest town in Queensland. It is now pretty quiet but is home to quite a bit of history including the oldest store in Australia. Drove until just before dinner and stayed at a lovely station stay just south of Mount Garnet.

Day 198 (24th July) – Pinnarendi Station, QLD to Ravenshoe, QLD

Drove the short distance to Ravenshoe where we stopped in to visit Milstream falls. We then stopped in the visitors center where they told us about a cheap camp in town at the old railway station. Luke was in heaven and of course we had to stay.


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