Week 5 – Orroroo, SA to Moonlight Bay, SA

Day 29 (31st Jan) –  Orroroo, SA to Port Gibbon, SA

Decent days driving from Orroroo Free camp through Port Augusta, stopping at Whyalla for supplies and then onto a free camp right on the beach on Port Gibbon.

It was blowing a gale so we had to spend most of the time in the van but it was an amazing stop.

Day 30 (1st Feb) -Port Gibbon, SA to Cowell

Left Port Gibbon with the wind still howling and decided to have a few days in a caravan park. Headed to the Harbour View Caravan park in Cowell. Had a fantastic fish and chips from a little hut near the boat ramp and then had a BBQ dinner in town in the park.

Day 31,32 (2nd/3rd Feb) Cowell, SA

Got the tip from one of the caretakers that there were sealions which frequent Port Gibbon (near where we stayed a few nights ago) so we went searching for them. Found 1 (apparently there are 4) relaxing on the beach.

Day 33 (4th Feb) Cowell, SA to Lipson Cove, SA

Left the caravan park in Cowell in the morning, picked up some supplies in the local IGA. Arrived at a lovely campsite right on the beach at Lipson Cove, SA. Cooked up the crabs which we got given the night before in a curry.

Day 34 (5th Feb) – Lipson Cove, SA

Spent the day on the beach enjoying Lipson Cove.

Day 35 (6th Feb) – Lipson Cove, SA to Moonlight Bay, SA

Left Lipson Cove and headed back to the main road. Automatic transmission had a leak which I had tried to repair, this started leaking pretty badly. We made a scramble for Port Lincoln where I inspected and removed the problematic fitting from the radiator. A local mechanic was able to fix it and charged me a whole $4. Very happy. We got some more food and water and headed back up north to a campsite called Moonlight Bay. We were the only campers and it was really nice – right on the beach!

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